Why not use a do-it-yourself will kit?

Would you trust a $30 lock you built yourself to protect all your worldly possessions and your children? Then why would you trust a $30 do-it-yourself drafting kit for your Last Will and Testament? Some do-it-yourself will kits can cost $500, which is around the same cost as having your will drafted by an experienced attorney. Many kits fail to take into consideration your special needs and cause unintended consequences. An experienced estate planning attorney can give your personal circumstances the attention they deserve and can draft a will that is tailored just for you and your family. With today’s blended families and special circumstances, a will in a box may not provide for your family as you intended.

With the wills I draft for you, even if I do not personally oversee the signing of the will, I will still review a copy of your documents for potential errors at no additional cost.

The advantages of a do-it-yourself will kit may be time and money. It is like using the self-checkout counter at the store, but with more serious consequences if you get it wrong. There is no person to guide you through the proper steps and no one to discuss the special needs of your family. At the Law Office of Hugh Spires, Jr., I do not think you have a cookie cutter family. I believe each client is different and has different needs.

The time and money advantages of drafting your own will may be outweighed by the serious disadvantages. The time and money you may save in the present may cost your estate much more later if your will is found to be invalid or contested because it was not worded clearly. If your will is not signed during a will ceremony in a way that complies with Texas law, then your will may be invalid and your wishes that specific people inherit specific property may not be followed. I have removed both the time and money obstacle with our convenient and personalized services at affordable flat fee pricing.