How It Works

Step 1

Request your Free Consultation by calling 210-874-5700, or emailing

Step 2

After the Free Consultation, I will send you an Engagement Letter so you know what documents will be drafted for you.

Step 3

You sign and return the Engagement Letter, so work can begin.

Step 4

You will be provided access to the secure web portal where confidential information and documents may be uploaded/downloaded and shared between the attorney and client in a secured setting. Alternative methods of communication will be made available if you prefer not to use the portal.

Step 5

When legal documents have been drafted, they will be shared with you on the secure web portal or by other delivery methods, upon request.

Step 6

If you are within 50 miles of Dallas, Texas and make a request, I will personally travel to you to oversee the signing of the legal documents. Otherwise, I will provide you with the legal documents along with a simple step by step instruction on how to sign the documents. I will remain available to answer questions pertaining to the documents and review the documents after they are signed to verify they were properly executed.

Ready to take the first step? Call 210-874-5700 or email