Make a Strange Will Like These People

You Don't Need Cash to Have a Will

Some people are under the mistaken belief that they do not need to have a will unless they are rich. What people may not realize is that they have riches that do not equate to money in the bank. For example, those with younger children should name a guardian for their children. To ensure their children are taken care of, a trust can be set up in the will to provide for the children’s health, welfare, maintenance, education, etc. You don’t need cash to put in the trust. By naming the trust as a beneficiary on your life insurance policy it will ensure there is money to take care of your children.

Strange Wills

Cats & Dinners

There are many examples of people, some famous and some not, who used a will to set forth their wishes that did not involve giving out money. One of those people is a lady discussed on my website. She had 10 cats and wanted to make sure there was money to take care of them. Another example is the will of John Bowman, a Vermont tanner who died in 1891. In his will he provided money in a trust to be used by his servants who were required to prepare his dinner every night just in case he returned from the dead and was hungry. His wishes were carried out for nearly 60 years until the money ran out.

Party, Travel & Dress

Many people know Janis Joplin, the singer of such hits as “Piece of My Heart,” "Me and Bobby McGee” and of course “Mercedes Benz.” She set aside $2,500 to pay for an all-night party for 200 of her guests at her favorite pub. Charles Dickens, the author of stories such as the Christmas Carole, Oliver Twist, and the Tale of Two Cities, stated in his will that the mourners who attend his funeral were not to wear scarves, cloaks, black ties, or long hatbands. A more modern person, actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman, left nothing to his three children. Instead he left it all to his girlfriend and requested that his son be raised in three different cities.

Make It Interesting

The point is that you do not need to have large sums of cash or several expensive items to make a will work for you. Your will is your last opportunity to either tell the world your thoughts, your family members what you want for your funeral, and what you think about others. You do not have to create strange requests like the people mentioned in this article, but you sure can if you want. And, we can help you.

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