Vacation Planning Should Include a Will

Going on vacation requires some prior planning. Getting hotel rooms, airline tickets, passports, and wills. Wills? What? Yes, wills.

What About My Baby?

Recently, a twenty-something-year-old new mother I know was heading to Thailand on a romantic trip with her husband. They were leaving their baby with his grandparents. On a Thursday afternoon, two days before leaving, it dawned on her that she and her husband did not have wills. Her concern was not about disposing of her property. Her concern was naming someone to take care of their baby if something were to happen to them. She did not want her parents, in-laws and siblings arguing, and she and her husband had agreed on the person they wanted to be the guardian. I was impressed. Normally, twenty-something- year-olds believe they are invincible, but maturity and responsibility of being a parent had overcome that notion. Gladly, I was able to give them peace of mind, so they could enjoy their vacation.

The Road Less Traveled

Statistically speaking, flying is safer than driving. Yet, some people drive to work every day passing car accidents without giving much thought to whether their children or loved ones will be provided for if something were to happen. At the risk of this blog sounding like fearmongering, the world can be a dangerous place and the unexpected does occur. It’s ironic that we do everything we can to provide for and protect our families while we are alive, but for some reason we do not give much thought to providing for and protecting our families if something were to happen to us.

Think Ahead

It only takes a little bit of forethought and time to create a will. The Law Office of Hugh Spires, Jr. was founded on the idea that estate planning should be affordable, accessible and convenient for everyone. From your mobile phone, you can complete the “Contact Us” form on our website or send an email to to start the process. You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home. We can create a tailored will for you with little inconvenience to you.

We Travel to You

If you live within 50 miles of San Antonio, Texas, we can travel to you to oversee the will signing ceremony. If you live beyond 50 miles, we will provide you simple, step by step instructions on how to sign your will and can review your will afterwards, at no extra charge, to ensure it was executed properly. We understand the importance of caring for your family, and we want everyone to have the opportunity. Contact us at

We hope that as you plan your vacation this year, you include estate planning on your to-do list. It may very well be the least stressful part of your vacation planning.