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Will of the King - Elvis

Elvis Presley would have turned 85 on January 8, 2020 had he not died that frightful night in the bathroom at age 42. Luckily, for him and his family, he had drafted a will 6 months before his death. Elvis’ will is the topic of this week’s bl… Read More

A Will Without Paper

Changing Times Times they are a changing! That is true in many aspects of society and the area of estate planning is no exception. Young adults today do not remember a time they did not have access to emails or the internet. As time progresses, more… Read More

When Should I Have a Will?

Milestones I came across an article the other day that talked about what age you should take certain milestones in life. One piece of advice was to establish your pension at age 25; get a mortgage at age 30; and obtain life insurance when you are 35.… Read More

Charles Dickens: Will Secrets

The wills of famous people continue to fascinate me. Some are as special as the characters they portrayed or created in stories. This week the blog is about Charles Dickens. Who He Was I recently read Charles Dickens’ will that was drafted in 1869.… Read More

Charity in Death

Avicii was Charitable “Wake Me Up,” the popular song by Swedish musician Avicii, seemed an appropriate way to start a blog about his death at age 28. The song was about the sudden realization he had of his unbelievably good life. His life was sho… Read More

Learn This From Frank Sinatra's Will

I find it interesting to read the wills of famous people. What I’ve seen is some of them prepared better than others. Some have handwritten wills that have scratch and scrabble. Others have nice typed letters. The most recent will I reviewed was th… Read More

Ric Ocasek: Singer & Forward Thinker

Forward Thinking Rock-n-Roll Singer We sometimes wonder if rock-n-roll stars really live the lifestyle they sing about. In the case of the Cars lead singer Ric Ocasek, the answer would be yes. His songs like She’s Gone and Bye, Bye Love reflect how… Read More

Luke Perry was Ready. Are you?

Pop Culture People seem to love to hear stories about the personal lives of famous people. Death is no exception. Coy Luther Perry III or “Luke Perry” to those who were fans of the 1990s show Beverley Hills 90210 that aired for 10 years or the mo… Read More

Should You File Your Will with the Court?

After I execute a client’s will, they will sometimes ask me, “Should I file the will with the court?” I’ve always been befuddled by the question even after hearing the question for over 20 years. Why would a person want to file the wi… Read More

My brother died; how do I close his bank account?

Common Question One of the common questions I receive is how to close a relative’s bank account when they pass away. The fact pattern usually follows that the relative is single with no children and did not have a will. There was no one listed on t… Read More

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