Luke Perry was Ready. Are you?

Pop Culture People seem to love to hear stories about the personal lives of famous people. Death is no exception. Coy Luther Perry III or “Luke Perry” to those who were fans of the 1990s show Beverley Hills 90210 that aired for 10 years or the mo… Read More

Should You File Your Will with the Court?

After I execute a client’s will, they will sometimes ask me, “Should I file the will with the court?” I’ve always been befuddled by the question even after hearing the question for over 20 years. Why would a person want to file the wi… Read More

My brother died; how do I close his bank account?

Common Question One of the common questions I receive is how to close a relative’s bank account when they pass away. The fact pattern usually follows that the relative is single with no children and did not have a will. There was no one listed on t… Read More

Your'e In a Coma. Now What?

Will It Happen to You? If you ask a group of Texans, “How many of you believe you may become incapacitated at some point in your life?” the number would undoubtedly be low. If you ask, “How many of you have made plans in the event you do become… Read More

Short Cuts Can Take Longer

Short cuts only provide favorable results for a short period of time. My mom always said if you are going to take the time to do something, then take the time to do it right. A good example of how taking a short cut with estate planning can cause pro… Read More

Paying Debts After Death

Last week I heard someone say that they plan to run up their credit card bills before they die. I think the statement was made in jest. However, it gave me an idea to include the subject on a blog. What happens to your credit card debts, car loan, mo… Read More
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I Have a Will, Now What Do I Do?

It cannot be stressed enough how a will can make it easier on your family you leave behind. Taking the first step of having an attorney draft your estate planning documents is a very important step. Now that you have these documents, what should you… Read More

Prepare for Will Contest

In my experience, nothing causes a person to show their true colors than when money is involved. When your children are expecting to inherit your property upon your death, but your will excludes one of the children or provides for an unequal distribu… Read More
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The Importance of Selecting a Guardian

Do you have a relative that you would not want in charge of your life? The answer is probably yes, but what have you done to prevent it? Sometimes decisions or the failure to make decisions in life have a bigger impact than we may imagine. No one can… Read More

No Will? Your Spouse and Ex Will be Stuck Togehter

Some people may be under the impression that it does not matter if they have a will because the property will pass to their spouse. After reading this blog this impression will be replaced with the stark reality of an ackward situation you may create… Read More

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